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Fire extinguisher training DVD

"How to meet your legal requirements without breaking the bank!"

We have been in the fire-protection industry since 1982 and our job is to advise UK businesses on their fire-safety measures across the length and breadth of Britain.
Over the years one recurring problem proved difficult to implement for businesses of all sizes - Extinguisher training for staff.
The law is clear if you have extinguishers then users must be trained on induction and at regular refresher intervals. Companies of any size struggle with the requirement of training on induction in particular. Bringing in trainers for a group of people can be expensive enough (typically £30 per head) but paying a trainer to induct one member of staff can be hugely cost restrictive.
The simple answer therefore is to deliver the training via DVD and a few suppliers have done just that. But as with many niche videos this seems to result in high pricing. However the cost of a training DVD is not the real issue. The major problem is that watching a DVD alone cannot be classed as training.
In the eyes of the law training without a 'Test of understanding' is not training and that is where our DVD differs.


"Prove competency with an integrated test."

Fire extinguisher training DVD

To prove competency students have to first watch the video then sit a 20 question multiple-choice test based on the DVD. It has a minimum pass mark of 80% (16 questions).
Answer sheets are also include to help you quickly mark and assess the candidates.

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Sample Video

Here is a short extract from the DVD showing the clear, concise and
uncluttered method of message delivery.

Simple and clear instruction that covers the training aspects required to educate your staff to the right standard.


Accompanying CD containing the following

  •  Question sheets based on the training DVD
  •  Answer sheets based on the training DVD
  •  Printable Competency Certificates for staff
  •  Staff-training record template